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Carmel Software attended the 2019 ASHRAE Winter Meeting in Atlanta, GA

Carmel Software representatives attended the ASHRAE Winter Meeting in Atlanta, GA from January 12th to January 16th, 2019.
San Rafael, CA
January 31, 2019
Contact: Masha O'Brien
Phone: 800-339-6030
Representatives from Carmel Software attended the ASHRAE Winter Meeting in Atlanta, GA from January 12th to January 16th, 2019. We participated in a number of technical committee and standards meetings as well as speaking at seminars, including:
  1. Seminar 27 - Spoke about "Cannabis Grow Facilities: Challenges for HVAC Design, Equipment Selection and Operation"
  2. Seminar 61 - Spoke about "Building Data Exchange Formats: SharingBuilding Data with Ease"
  3. TC 4.1 - HVAC Load Calculation Data and Procedures main and subcommittee meetings. TC 4.1 is concerned with the identification and compilation of engineering data and the development of procedures for calculating heating, cooling, refrigeration and ventilating loads of structures.
  4. TC 1.5 - HVAC Computer Applications. TC 1.5 is concerned with determination of computer applications to the design and optimization of refrigeration, heating, and air-conditioning systems, equipment and components thereof; and with programs for all such uses. Stephen Roth, President of Carmel, is currently chth, President of Carmel, is currently chair of TC 1.5.
  5. ASHRAE Building EQ - ASHRAE's Building EQ Portal provides a quick energy analysis that benchmarks a building's energy performance. Building EQ assists in the preparation of an ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit to identify means to improve a building's energy performance including low-cost, no-cost energy efficiency measures and an Indoor Environmental Quality survey with recorded measurements to provide additional information to assess a building's performance.
  6. ASHRAE SPC 224 - This committee is developing a standard for the application of building information modeling (BIM).
  7. BIM.MTG - This is a multidisciplinary task group that coordinates the activities of multiple TC/TG in the area of standards and approaches to support the implementation of BIM within ASHRAE products.
  8. Green Building XML (gbXML) - The bi-yearly gbXML board of

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Carmel Software Corporation has been a leader in HVAC design software since 1995. In fact, our software currently powers the analysis capabilities of Autodesk's (makers of AutoCAD) 3D modeling software tools. Also, ASHRAE, Mitsubishi Electric, Trane, Johnson Controls, the U.S. Department of Energy, Honeywell, Carrier Corp., large western utilities, and other Fortune 500 building-services companies rely upon Carmel to develop custom mobile and desktop applications for their clients. We currently offer more than 40 iOS and Android mobile apps for HVAC.
Media Contact: Masha O'Brien, Phone: 800-339-6030
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