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Carmel Software Announces That it has Released the HVAC Equipment Locator Software Application for Android

The HVAC Equipment Locator app is now available for all Android devices.
October 2, 2016
Contact: Masha O'Brien
Phone: 800-339-6030
Carmel Software announces that it has released the HVAC Equipment Locator software application for Android devices after being available just for iOS devices since 2013. This is a unique mobile application that allows users to input information about all of their HVAC equipment, upload it to a safe and secure remote server, and share information about this equipment with other technicians within the company. This app is unique because it identifies equipment by GPS coordinates. Think about it: every piece of standing equipment has a unique location or GPS coordinate. This GPS coordinate becomes the equipment's globally unique identifier, allowing the user to input and retrieve information about it just by standing next to it. The features and benefits of this app are:
  1. Input all basic and maintenance-related information about a customers' HVAC equipment so as to keep a centralized record of this data
  2. Take pictures and assign the pictures to the equipment or individual maintenance events
  3. Store the GPS coordinates of the piece of equipment so that when the user returns to it, the information will automatically appear when located next to it
  4. Upload (or sync) the equipment information to a centralized web server so that project managers and other technicians at the company can view and edit this information
  5. Download the equipment information to other technicians' mobile devices so they can view information and also update if necessary
  6. Customize data entry screens so they include the exact inputs that you require for the job.
  7. and much more...
This app actually consists of two components:
  1. The HVAC Equipment Locator mobile app, itself. Click here for info.
  2. The Carmel Equipment Server website. Click here for info.
This app has been available for iOS devices for almost 3-12 years. Now, it is available for all Android devices.

Please go to for more information on all of our iOS and Android apps.

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