Press Release

Carmel Acquires Hands Down Software

Carmel Software Acquires Hands Down Software, a Leader in the Development of Desktop Psychrometric Chart Software.
San Rafael, CA
May 6, 2024
Contact: Lucy Gooden
Phone: 800-339-6030
Carmel Software, a leader in the development of mobile and web-based HVAC software, acquired Hands Down Software (HDS), a leader in the development of psychrometric chart desktop software. Our plans are to continue to support the 20,000+ users of HDS software (including HDPsyChart) and work on updating the software.

We have also acquired additional HDS software tools listed here, including AcousticCalc, CleanCalc, QwickLoad, and many others.

We plan on streamlining the purchase and registration process so that users can immediately register their software to minimize any downtime due to the software expiring. We will be providing details on all these major changes later in 2024.

Hands Down Software and Carmel are both now located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our clients include customers throughout the world, from the Fortune 500 and the U.S. Government, to smaller architectural/engineering firms.

About Carmel Software

Carmel Software Corporation has been a leader in HVAC design software since 1995. In fact, our software currently powers the analysis capabilities of Autodesk's (makers of AutoCAD) 3D modeling software tools. Also, ASHRAE, Mitsubishi Electric, Trane, Johnson Controls, the U.S. Department of Energy, Honeywell, Carrier Corp., large western utilities, and other Fortune 500 building-services companies rely upon Carmel to develop custom mobile and desktop applications for their clients. We currently offer more than 40 iOS and Android mobile apps for HVAC.
Media Contact: Lucy Gooden, Phone: 800-339-6030