Utility Program Provider Software Suite

We offer a suite of mobile applications that allow contractors who work with energy utility program providers to perform building energy audits, HVAC load calcs, and building equipment inventory.

HVAC ResLoad-J

The HVAC ResLoad-J app allows you to perform ACCA-approved HVAC cooling and heating load calculations. It includes the following features:
  1. Optimized for iOS 13 and iPhone 11 / iPad Pro
  2. Create HVAC load calculations while at the work site
  3. Explain project details to your clients using advanced on-screen reports
  4. Email the results back to the office
  5. Email finalized ACCA Manual J8-approved reports to officials

HVAC Equipment Locator

The HVAC Equipment Locator is a revolutionary application for Apple iPhone and iPad that lets you track, share, and customize your equipment nameplate and maintenance data — saving your company time and improving accuracy.
  1. TRACK all of your equipment location, nameplate, and maintenance data along with photos and spec sheets.
  2. SHARE all of this data with other authorized users.
  3. CUSTOMIZE the app input screens so you can store and view the exact data about building, equipment, or maintenance events. Perfect for performing commissioning and other specialized activities.
  4. Manage all of the equipment data and user access using the Equipment Locator Cloud website. Also, upload all of your equipment information to the cloud so it can be shared with others.
  5. The HVAC Equipment Locator is a stand-alone app, but it is also embedded within the HVAC ResLoad-J app.

Building Energy Auditing App

We have developed customized building energy auditing apps for DNV GL and a number of energy utilities. For more information on a customized energy auditing app for your organization, contact us here.
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