The HVAC ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database (DFDB) Universal app for the iPhone and iPad allows you to perform pressure loss calculations for all 240+ ASHRAE fittings listed in the 2017 ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals.

Summary of Features

This app is based upon the popular ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database desktop application, and you can do pretty much everything in this app that you can do in the desktop program. The advantage of this mobile app is that you can easily use it out in the field to do quick duct pressure loss calculations.

This app is now a universal app that works on all versions of iPhones and iPads. It detects which device it is running on, and it adjusts its user interface accordingly (see screenshots below). In addition, the app is compatible with the latest version of Apple's iOS.

Also, as of Spring 2017, we have updated the app to coincide with all of the 50+ updates to the desktop-based Duct Fitting Database application that have been implemented over the past 7 years. These include scores of new fittings, many updates to existing fittings, and much, much more. Click here for a list of all of the latest updates to the DFDB app.)

The following is a list of additional features:
  1. It is now a universal app that works on all versions of iPhones and iPads and the latest Apple iOS
  2. It includes all of the latest updates that have been implemented into the ASHRAE DFDB desktop app since 2009.
  3. You can create individual projects, each with unique input values and results.
  4. Each fitting has its own custom set of input parameters and results.
  5. You can easily change the minimum and maximum allowable values for all input parameters.
  6. It includes a useful search feature that allows you to type in a partial or full fitting code name to quickly retrieve it.
  7. It allows you to display and email two types of reports. These are similar to the reports available in the desktop version of the DFDB software. The app reports also include a spreadsheet attachment that you can open on your desktop computer to do further analysis.
  8. All fittings include pictures that you can view within the app.
  9. The app displays inputs and results in both english and metric units.
  10. The HVAC ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database application was designed by Carmel Software Corporation exclusively for ASHRAE.
Click the image below to view more app screenshots.

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