HVAC Load Calc Bundle Lite iOS Mobile Apps

"App Bundles" are an easy way for you to purchase up to 9 of our individual iOS apps at a much reduced price (35% off!). We've bundled our most popular HVAC apps into what we call the HVAC Load Calc Bundle Lite. See below for a list of the individual apps.

Apps Included in this Bundle

  1. HVAC Toolkit
  2. HVAC Residential Load Calcs
  3. HVAC Duct Sizer
  4. HVAC RefCharge
  5. HVAC Quick Load
  6. HVAC Psychrometric Plus
  7. HVAC Psychrometric LT
  8. HVAC Pipe Sizer Plus
  9. Steam Tables
  10. HVAC Equipment Locator (embedded in more than one of the above apps)
All of the apps in this bundle (except for the HVAC Residential Load Calcs app) are optimized for both the iPhone and iPad and will adjust their screen sizes accordingly. Also, any time we update one of the apps in this bundle, you will receive the app update for free.
Click the image below to view more app screenshots.

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