HVAC Psychrometric Mobile App for Android

The HVAC Psychrometric (Android Edition) application allows you to easily perform single-state HVAC psychrometric calculations. It is based upon the #1 selling psychrometric application for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. Thousands of happy users have downloaded the iPhone version for performing quick and simple psychrometric analysis. The psychrometric application for Android devices includes many of the same features as the iPhone version.

Summary of Features

  1. This application allows you to specify 23+ different combinations of 2 psychrometric parameters for a single stream of air and instantly view the remaining 6 calculated values all on the same screen.
  2. The following input and output value-types are displayed:
    1. Dry-Bulb Temperature
    2. Humidity Ratio
    3. Relative Humidity
    4. Wet-Bulb Temperature
    5. Partial Pressure
    6. Enthalpy
    7. Specific Volume
    8. Dew Point Temperature
  3. You can specify additional parameters such as the altitude of the air being analyzed, the atmospheric pressure, different types of units such as degrees F or R, and English or Metric units.
  4. Immediately view updated results as you change the input values using the on-screen slider control.
  5. Email all inputs and results from the single-state results.
Click the image below to view more app screenshots.

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