HVAC Equipment Locator Mobile App for Android

The new HVAC Equipment Locator is a revolutionary application for Android devices that lets you track, share, and customize your equipment nameplate and maintenance data — saving your company time and improving accuracy (Click here for the iOS version of the Locator app).
  • TRACK all of your equipment location, nameplate, and maintenance data along with photos and spec sheets.
  • SHARE all of this data with other authorized users.
  • CUSTOMIZE the app input screens so you can store and view the exact data about building, equipment, or maintenance events. Perfect for performing commissioning and other specialized activities.
  • Manage all of the equipment data and user access using the new Equipment Locator Cloud website.

One central place to store equipment records.

With the HVAC Equipment Locator app, together with Equipment Locator Cloud, all the information you need, including nameplate and maintenance data - and even your own custom data points, can be added from multiple devices and then securely shared everyone in your organization.

Securely accessible to staff - from the office and the field.

Because information added to HVAC Equipment Locator is accessible to your staff, there's no uncertainty of what work the last technician performed. Imagine instantly retrieving data when a client calls you up to ask about work done on a piece of equipment.

Outsmart competitors with smarter service calls.

With better records, you'll be able to increase the level of customer service provided by suggesting key preventative maintenance or replacement options, driving more productive and profitable service calls.

Get started now. The app is free.

Download the HVAC Equipment Locator app for your Android device from the Google Play now. The app is free for unlimited devices.
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What You Can Do…

  • Create and input building information and attach related photos
  • Add an unlimited number of equipment to each building and input information about the equipment along with photos and spec sheets
  • Add maintenance event information to the equipment
  • Auto-schedule periodic maintenance events and receive email alerts for upcoming maintenance
  • Store the GPS coordinates of the equipment so you can tell which equipment is closest to you at any moment
  • Sort buildings, equipment, and maintenance events so as to quickly retrieve the desired information
  • Completely customize the building, equipment, and maintenance input screens so you can enter and store the exact data you are interested in
  • Auto-synchronize all of your data in the background so you can view it on the web and share with other authorized users
  • Share all of your data across all of your Android and iOS devices
  • The Equipment Locator Cloud website allows you to update the equipment information, manage user access, and much more
  • Allow your clients limited access to view information about the equipment that was serviced
  • Manage an unlimited number of buildings and equipment and keep all the details in one place
  • Save time by using existing buildings or equipment as templates to start new ones
  • This app is also part of our suite of mobile software tools for utility program providers. Click here for more info.

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